High Concentration Oxygen

What is the oxygen concentration in the air?

The oxygen concentration ratio in the air is about 21%. The other constituent molecules are about 78% nitrogen, only 0.03% carbon dioxide.

What are the main effects of high concentration oxygen?

The most common effect is ‘blood flow improvement’. The more oxygen in the blood can deliver more oxygen to all over the body, which naturally improves the blood flow to carry oxygen.Also, vascular cells in a well-oxygeneted area are actuvated and the blood vessel’s main ability to promote blood circulation is also strengthened. So the long-lasting blood improvement can be expected. Other benefits include fatigue recovery, weight loss, make the skin beautiful, refreshing, improvement of hangover, memory and concentration power.

Why is it necessary to aspirate high concentration oxygen when there is oxygen in the air?

Essentially humans maintain their health by taking in the necessary oxygen into the body by doing moderate exercise and recovering from fatigue and burning fat. However, it is difficult for humans in our modern times to take in sufficient oxygen into our body because we tend to have less exercise and suffering from obesity due to the development of civilization, living in a stressful society, air pollution. In addition, because cardiopulmonary function(vital capacity) drop to a lower value with aging, oxygen is no longer reach to the brain where consumes the most oxygen in the body. This would lead to diminished concentration and/or progression of dementia.This is because high concentration oxygen has the power to make up for the lack of oxygen and contributes to our health improvement.

Please tell us about the role of oxygen in the body and the oxygen deficiency.

Most of living things including humans absorb oxygen(breathing) and perform vital activities. Oxygen is a so-called fuel that produces the energy (ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate) necessary for living organisms to live and act in the mitochondria of cells. This is why oxygen is an essential molecule for life. The oxygen inhaled from the lungs is combined with the iron content of hemoglobin, and is carried by blood throughout the cells in all over the body. Then nutrients such as sugar, fat, proteins ingested by the mitochondria in the cell are burned(metabolized) to produce ATP. Without oxygen, ATP is not produced and people cannot live. The lack of ATP is called oxygen deficiency(shortage of oxygen). Insufficient oxygen supply leads to energy shortage. Fatigue substances such as lactic acid and fats that cause obesity are accumulated due to shortage of oxygen to burn them. Various diseases such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, gout, diabetes and high blood pressure caused by continued lack of oxygen. It is said that if 3% of oxygen is lacking in your body, it is equivalent to spending one-third of your day apnea.

Why does breathing high concentration oxygen relive fatigue?

Oxygen is required in order to decompose lactic acid which is a fatigue substance in blood. Lactic acid is accumulated from the lack of ATP; human’s life energy. ATP deficient is oxygen deficient because ATP is produced by oxygen as fuel. Therefore, supplementing high concentration oxygen into your body enhances metabolism in the liver, burns lactic acid in the blood to recover from fatigue. It also reduces the heart rate.

Why does high concentration oxygen have a weight loss(diet) effect?

Because there is a lipolytic enzyme called ‘lipase’ in the body and oxygen is indispensable to activate the action of the lipase. Inhaling high concentration oxygen increases the amount of oxygen taken into the blood, resulting in activation of lipase. On the other hand,when oxygen in the body is insufficient, lipase does not work actively and liposis remains which would triggers obesity and diabetes.

Is high concentration oxygen effective for beauty?

The cause of skin troubles is said to be decrease in immune function caused by stress and disturbance of lifestyle. Skin cells cycles from old to new and if metabolism is active, this cycle will be repeated normally and the skin will maintain a proper water and oil content. However, if there is a delay in the replacement of skin cells, old cells remain on the skin and skin will lose moisture. Furthermore, waste products such as old cells remain on the epidermis leads to rough and dull skin. Oxygen can reach every corner of the skin cells by supplying high concentration oxygen and enhance metabolism, improve skin moisturization, firmness and fineness.

Why does inhaling high concentration oxygen improves faster recover from hangover?

A lof of oxygen is needed for alcohol decomposition. When oxygen in the body is insufficient, it takes time to decompose alcohol. Also if drinking too much alcohol in a lack of oxygen state, acetaldehyde which causes headaches, nausea, hangovers will remain in the body. High concentration oxygen can help alcohol decomposition, increases metabolism in the liver which will be resulted the shortens the alcohol decomposition time. According to the laboratory result regarding alcohol decomposition by comparing the time-dependent changes in alcohol concentration in exhaled breath after drinking alcohol(350ml of beer) with and without high concentration oxygen inhalation, the decomposition time was 35 minutes when inhaling high concentration oxygen while it took 65 minutes without inhaling high concentration oxygen.

Is it true that memory ability and concentration power improves by inhaling high concentration oxygen?

Compered the case of learning English vocabulary in a general environment(oxygen concentration in air is about 21%) and inhaling 30% of high concentration oxygen. The results revealed that the memory capacity increased by 15% for inhaling 30% of high concentration oxygen, jointly verified by the Yoyogi seminar school and Nagoya Institute of Technology. Also, by assessing the mood and fatigue rate with a subjective VSA(Visual Analogue Scale) before exam and after the study, it is possible to reduce the feeling of fatigue by studying while inhaling high concentration oxygen. This result suggests that high concentration oxygen intake activates the brain.

If inhaling high concentration oxygen, exercise is not needed?

There are experimental results that mitochondria responsible for the production of vital energy(ATP) in the whole cell are increase by high concentration oxygen intake. Surprisingly it shows that the amount of mitochondria in skeletal muscle, liver, and myocardium is higher than endurance training(aerobix exercise).This means high concentration oxygen has the effect of producing ATP more efficiently than exercise. This also is the fact welcomed by people who have difficulty exercising on a daily basis. People can expect to produce the necessary energy by supplying sufficient oxygen without stressing the body.

Why do athletes uses high concentration oxygen?

There are two main reasons. One is the improvement of exercise capacity, and the other is fatigue recovery.
About the improvement of exercise capacity,fatigue factors that limit exercise increase with exercise strength and duration. These include increased lactate in the blood, decreased hydrogen ion concentration, decreased tidal volume(ventilation), increased respiratory rate and heart rate, increased blood pressure. High concentration oxygen have an impact on these limiting factors. As an example, we used a running machine to perform daily running exercise at a 300meters/minute speed and examined the effect of high concentration oxygen on the basis of heart rate, lactate and duration. Then with the number of training sessions, a decrease of heart rate, lactic acid were confirmed and the time to reach a heart rate 170/min increased 3-4 times. The effect of high concentration oxygen is not a temporary phenomenon but a lasting effect.
About the fatigue recovery, as the answer to Q5 shows, high concentration oxygen has the effect of decomposing lactic acid which is a fatigue substance. Athletes tend to train hard but when muscle activity increases and oxygen is depleted, mitochondria stop producing energy(ATP). Then the body tries to generate ATP that does not use oxygen, and lactic acid (fatigue substance) is generated. As a result, lactic acid accumulates in the body and causes muscle fatigue, which is thought to reduce exercise capacity. In order not to carry over fatigue in the next training session or competition, athletes try to remove lactic acid by inhaling high concentration oxygen.

Is it true that high concentration oxygen can relief fatigue for long-distance drivers?

There are experimental results that increase the safety and stability of the drive by preventing drowsiness and wandering during driving by high concentration oxygen intake.(Akita University,2008).
Experiments using mainly RRI values(the interval between R and R waves appearing in the electrocardiogram) that rise when drowsiness occurs revealed that the drowsiness during high concentration oxygen inhalation was lower than that during non-inhalation. Similarly, the effects of preventing staggering driving and improving the driving distance were also observed.

Is it true that high concentration oxygen is effective in preventing dementia?

According to an article published in the newspaper, a group of professor Takayuki Fujiwara and others at Shinshu University Medical Technology Collage demonstrated that a high concentration oxygen environment is effective in activating brain function in dementia patients. In a clinical experiment, 50 subjects were allowed to spend 5days/week for 30 minutes each in the room at the same atmospheric pressure as in the flatland, where only oxygen concentration was set to be about 30% rich. This was continued for 4 weeks before measuring their EEG(electroencephalography). As a result, the high frequency components increased in the EEG of all the subjects, which are generally considered to have lower frequency components than healthy subjects, and thir condition were close to that of healthy subejects. The elderly whose cardiorespiratory functions has deteriorated due to aging cannot supply enough oxygen to the brain which consumes the most oxygen in the body. Unlike skin cells, brain cells are said to be difficult to regenerate once they are lost. So it is easy to imagine that high concentration oxygen intake to keep the necessary oxygen in the brain is effective in preventing dementia.

What is the difference between a high concentration oxygen generator and an oxygen capsule?

The biggest difference is how to generate high concentration oxygen and how to supply it to the body. The high concentration oxygen generator uses air as the raw material while the oxygen capsule to raise the relative oxygen concentration inside the capsule. Unlike our company’s product, Oxygen capsule generates ‘dissolved oxygen’ that raises the atmospheric pressure to push oxygen into the entire body. Our product is ‘combined oxygen’ which conveys oxygen to hemoglobin by inhaling from the nose. When the atmospheric pressure is raised, oxygen dissolves more easily in the blood, and it becomes possible to take in the amount of oxygen accordingly. On the other hand, it is a fact that oxygen capsules have a harmful effect such as tinnitus and burden on the lungs and heart due to the structure that raises the atmospheric pressure. Oxygen capsules are large and expensive and are not suitable for individual users.

Does using high concentration oxygen generator indoors increase the oxygen concentration in the entire room ?

Use of high concentration oxygen generator indoors does not increase the oxygen concentration in the entire room. Even though the high concentration oxygen are generated from indoor air, it is not enough to change the ratio of the constituent molecules of entire air in the room. On the contrary, the air in the room does not become bad.

Does excessive oxygen intake cause ‘oxygen intoxication’?

Approximately 21% of a person’s breathing volume(ventilation volume) is oxygen, so normally 105ml of one tidal volume(500ml) is oxygen. However, not all this 105ml oxygen is used and an analysis of exhaled breath contains about 17% of oxygen. This means that even if breathing 21% oxygen, only about 3% of oxygen is take up by the body. The reason is the saturation of hemoglobin in red blood cells that carry oxygen from the lungs to cells throughout the body. Oxygen is taken in only as hemoglobin needs it. 1g of hemoglobin binds 1.338ml oxygen. Human blood contains about 150g of hemoglobin in 1 liter and carries about 200ml of oxygen and it does not bind any more. Therefore, there would be no oxygen intoxication due to excessive oxygen intake in under 1 atmosphere.

Does active oxygen in the body increase when inhaling high concentration oxygen?

Active oxygen does not increase by inhaling high concentration oxygen. It is said that active oxygen formed by combining oxygen molecules with highly reactive molecules causes various diseases such as aging, cancer and lifestyle-related diseases. The issue of oxygen and active oxygen is not something that has been talked recently, but it is a mechanism we have since living system started. Active oxygen is generated at the same time that oxygen produces life energy. Active oxygen is not completely unnecessary oxygen, they removes bacteria and harmful substances. Normally enzymes(superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc.) that decompose active oxygen prevent the damage, but stress, pollution, excessive exercise, other factors can disrupt this balance which generates a large amount of active oxygen to damage the cells. We understand that some people are concerned about the generation or increase of active oxygen by inhaling high concentration oxygen, however according to the experiment we have conducted that we inhaled our oxygen generator(40% of oxygen concentration) for a week and measure 8-OHdG(an index of nuclear damage caused by active oxygen) that appears in urine. Then we have confirmed there was no change in active oxygen amount at all.

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