Inhale highly concentrated oxygen dramatically changes fatigue state.

Oxygen is required to decompose lactic acid in blood, which is a fatigue substance. Lactic acid is accumulated due to lack of life energy of humans, ATP. Because ATP is generated using oxygen as fuel, ATP deficient is equal meaning to oxygen deficient. Therefore, supplementing oxygen by inhaling highly concentrated oxygen enhances metabolism in the liver, burns lactic acid in the blood, and recovers from fatigue.
It also reduces heart rate. ※ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate。

Highly concentrated oxygen activates the action of lipolytic enzymes.

Promoting the activity of lipolytic enzyme lipase.
Various lipolytic enzyme lipases are activated by highly concentrated
oxygen inhalation to make a progress to a high degree of lipolysis.

Weight change by accelerated fat burning.

Highly concentrated oxygen accelerant detoxification.

Improving constipation results in beautiful skin.

Test results by company P.

Highly concentrated oxygen promote alcohol decomposition.

By inhaling highly concentrated oxygen(40% concentration), the alcohol concentration in exhaled air became ZERO faster than usual!

  Highly concentrated oxygen can change the function of the brain.

Alpha(α) wave increases by inhaling high concentration oxygen, and is effective for stress relief, relaxation, adjustment of autonomic nerves.

Preventing dementia and improving memory and concentration power.

Highly concentrated oxygen raises basal body temperature.

Reasons for increased body temperature by highly concentrated oxygen inhalation.

Immunity decreases with age. And it is easy to get various diseases.
By increasing the oxygen concentration, various immune substances (NK, IL-2, TNF) increases.

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